Water Tech Fest Registration Form – start-ups

Registration form start-ups Water Tech Fest Leeuwarden

Start-ups can actively participate in the Water Tech Fest in the afternoon program by participation in the following challenges:
• Investment challenge
• Customer challenge
• Design challenge

Participation in the Water Tech Fest challenges is free of charge. Participation can only be confirmed after submission of this form. Submission of the form confirms the interest of the participation of your company in one of the challenges in the afternoon program of the Water Tech Fest. After receipt of a complete registration form Watertech Fest will confirm your participation by email.

For the Investment challenge the pitches take place in the afternoon program of the Watertech Fest. After the pitches 1-1 sessions with investors are planned. This registration form will be used by the investors to plan the 1-1- sessions.
  • Contact informatie

  • Challenge

    Investment Challenge
    In the investment challenge start-ups can pitch their company to investors in three different stages and participate in match making with investors.
    • Stand-up Early stage ideas, TRL <5, Typical financing requirement < 100 keuro
    • Start-up Clear business model, TRL 5-7, Typical financing requirement 100-1000 keuro
    • Scale-up Established business model, TRL 5-7, Typical financing requirement >500 keuro

    Customer challenge
    In the customer challenge start-ups can discuss with customer’s their product and learn about the possibilities for demonstration of their products at the demo sites of the Water Campus.

    Design challenge In the design challenge will be supported by a design team to re-design their innovation
  • Company information

  • Provide information on: turnover, # of employees, profit, type of financing
  • Time line

    • ASAP: Confirm your interest to participate per mail
    NB: the available places are limited, early submissions have priority so therefore confirm asap.

    • May 16: deadline for submission of draft pitch presentation (investor challenge)
    • May 19: opportunity for trial presentation via videolink (investor challenge)
    • May 24: deadline for sending in final pitch presentation (investor challenge)
    • May 25: We meet in Leeuwarden!

    Contact: Leon Korving, leon.korving@wetsus.nl,+31-6-52438349
  • Pitch presentation

    Required structure of the pitch presentation (investor challenge).

    1. Introduction (5% of the time)
    2. The value proposition (25% of the time)
    – Customer needs/benefits
    – Competition/IP
    3. Business model
    – Market (segments, drivers, potential)
    – Business model 25% of the time
    4. Team and company status 20% of the time
    5. Funding requirements 25% of the time
    – Financials, revenue forecasts
    – Proposition for partners / investors

    Pitch presentations for the categories “standup” and “startup” are open to all persons interested. Pitch presentations for the category “scale-up” are closed sessions.