About WaterCampus

WaterCampus Leeuwarden is the meeting point of the Dutch water technology sector and has the ambition to play a sector uniting role for the rest of Europe as well.

WaterCampus encourages cooperation between (inter)national businesses, educational institutes and governments within the water technology sector, in order to create synergy for world class innovation, education and entrepreneurship. This strengthens the global position of the European water technology sector. Additionally, WaterCampus offers a unique research infrastructure, and is a meeting point for scientists and companies from all over Europe.

The international cooperation organized and encouraged by WaterCampus Leeuwarden leads to knowledge, talent and entrepreneurship which contribute to solutions for global water problems.

Water Campus Leeuwarden is formed by:
– The three managing partners: Wetsus, CEW and Water Alliance
– The partners: city of Leeuwarden, Friesland province, Centre for Innovative Expertise Water (CIV) and Water Application Centre (WAC)
– Members: companies and institutions that are connected as a member or partner to the managing partners

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